Our Products

Our Products

We believe in 100% natural ingredients here at Sammy Annes and use vegan friendly, cruelty free products throughout all of our treatments. It’s our way of giving your skin an even better boost after your reviving facial scrub or luxurious aromatherapy massage as the natural ingredients and skincare brands we use do not contain chemicals that will get absorbed into your body when put on your skin.

Facial Care 100% naturally derived

Here at Sammy Anne’s we use a brand called Tropic for facials, all the products are naturally derived so our nourishing plant extracts can work in harmony with your skin. These products are cruelty free, vegan friendly and have the most fantastic results for all skin types. Honest labeling and beautiful ingredients we don’t want to hide away! Available to purchase at Sammy Anne’s too.

The importance of 100% natural essential oils

Sammy has been a qualified Aromatherapist for over seven years now meaning quality and purity is top priority at Sammy Annes when it comes to choosing oils to use in our aromatherapy treatments. We look for completely natural oils that release a lasting scent. We’ll use a variety of base oils such as almond oil, avocado, grapeseed, camellia and apricot in our aromatherapy massages to bring a beautiful, 100% natural aromatherapy experience to your treatment.

What are essential oils?

Essential in the sense that they are an excellent sensory tool to help calm racing minds and open up the airways with their natural fruity or floral scent – essential oils begin life as aromatic plants that produce fragrant essences in secretory cells using nutrients they get from soil, water and light.

These secretory cells are normally very near the surface, which is what releases the scent and fragrance when we stop to admire the scent of a plant. After careful extraction, essential oils are produced.

Did you know we always stock a minimum of 25 essential oils at any time to make sure we can create the perfect blend to suit your individual needs?

Every essential oil we use in our treatments are 100% natural and blended by Sammy, using her aromatherapist knowledge to create a unique scent designed to relieve stress, soothe aches or pains or simply create an uplifting aromatherapy experience during your treatment.

Where do your essential oils come from?

We work closely with suppliers who source these essential oils from across the globe; every label dictates what type of skin this oil is suitable for, its country of origin and batch number.