Homeopathy is a natural healing process. The remedies used assist the patient to regain health by stimulating the bodies natural forces of recovery.  

Caroline Hannam M.N.C.H.M

Caroline has been a homeopathic practitioner since 1993 and has treated many illnesses from skin disorders to depression.  Homeopathy is used as a preventative to boost immune system. 

Caroline also practices and teaches Lyenga Yoga and recognizes the importance off all over wellbeing

The Treatment

Your initial consultation will take approximately one & half hours.  This will include questions about your medical history, sleep pattern energy levels, temperament and the health of your close family.  This is make sure the treatment is tailored to suit you.  The consultation is always confidential.  


Homeopathic remedies have no side effects.  They are natural, non-toxic & non-addictive, and completely safe to use.  


Phone : 07428691507


please note these treatments are not available on Sammy Anne’s Gift vouchers as Caroline has her own business, vouchers can be purchases specifically for the treatments above on request.