Mindfulness with Lucy


Lucy has been practicing & teaching mindfulness for 6 years, mainly running relaxation groups and guided meditation, seeing the positive impact mindfulness has on people lives was amazing.

Lucy has always had a keen interest in mindfulness but when she became pregnant with her little boy she found huge benefits from practicing mindfulness and continues to use it in her everyday life.

We have been developing mindfulness treatments to bring to Sammy Anne’s and have created a treatment list special designed by Lucy.

Some of the benefits include:

– Promotes calmness and relaxation
– More focused
– Connect with yourself and everything around you
– Improves self awareness
– Reduces anxiety & stress


Aromatherapy with Body Scan (90 minutes) – £50

After a consultation Lucy will select 3-4 100% pure essential oils to be blended with a base oil to suit your needs. First we will start with the body scan meditation then go into a deeply relaxing hour long aromatherapy massage to help soothe anxiety and stress away. You will get to take a mini bottle of your personalised blend to use at home.

Top to toe Body Scan (90 minutes) – £50

First Lucy will help you drift away with a 30 minute body scan meditation reading followed by face & scalp pressure points to help you switch off followed by a mini reflexology to help deepen the relaxation.

Mindfulness Pregnancy Package

(90 minutes) – £50

(2 hours) – £70

First Lucy will have a chat with you to discover what treatment combination you will benefit from, and design you bespoke treatment. To work on aches and pains may use massage, or if you need to switch off facials or reflexology combining anything to suit your needs. Then once you are comfy on our massage table Lucy will read you her mindfulness meditation body scan for you and your baby to help you drift away. After you are fully relaxed she will then do the unique treatment designed especially for you and your bump. Please note you have to check with midwife before you come in for a treatment & be passed first trimester.

Just Body Scan meditation (30 minutes) – £20

A quick time out from life, get comfy on our memory foam heated massage table, cover your eyes with our yoga bean bag and take some deep breathes and inhale the aromas around you. Lucy will read a body scan meditation to you to help you drift off and escape the world, followed by a few relaxation points around the scalp and face. A little escape for 30 minutes!

Mindfulness with Lucy (1 hour and 45 minutes) – £65

First First Lucy will be helping you discover the simple principles of mindfulness and how you can build them into your daily lifestyle, in an aim to connect with yourself and clear your mind of every day stress.  To start you will learn the importance of breathing properly and how to do it then you will get comfy on the massage couch and ‘check-in’ with how your body is feeling by carrying out abody scan meditation read by Lucy. Once this is completed you can drift into relaxation and calmness whilst having a traditional aromatherapy treatment with oils that have been selected to meet your individual needs.

Pregnancy Mindfulness treatment 90 minutes – £50

First we get you comfy on the massage table using various pregnancy/support cushions to make sure you can relax properly. We then read a 30 minute meditation based around you and your baby to help you drift away together. This is then followed by a massage around the neck, scalp and pressure points over the face. Then an arm and hand massage and a mini reflexology all using relaxation, anti-stress techniques.