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Nutrition Element provides non invasive Food Intolerance Testing which allows clients to reach an improved state of wellbeing by eliminating foods they are intolerant to & creating a personalised diet plan to reduce the symptoms associated with Food Intolerance.

Food Intolerance symptoms can be anything from IBS, indigestion, headaches, weight gain & fatigue (to name a few!)


About Rachel

Hi! My name is Rachael Gray & I have personally dealt with the symptoms of Food Intolerance for around 7 years now. Through my own personal journey I learned that eliminating certain foods was the only way to get me back to a healthy & happy state. I became interested in diet and nutrition after having my own test & then decided to study Diet & Nutrition and open my own business – Nutrition Element. I hold a Level 3 Diploma in Diet & Nutrition and a Diploma in Food Intolerance testing & Vitamin and Mineral therapy. My aim is to help others regain a healthy and happy state and I believe that with my help you can achieve this!

I use a DietX machine – Bio energetic Resonance (B.E.R) form of testing to determine food intolerances & also Vitamin & Mineral status. The test is non invasive & no blood tests are required.

The Food Intolerance testing session consists of completing a client background form & a chat about current symptoms, I will then work with a DietX machine to test 100 Foods, additives & environmental substances. I also check Vitamin & Mineral status & advise on dietary changes and nutritional supplements which would be of benefit to each individual. You will receive a detailed booklet about Food Intolerance and a personal checklist outlining the foods to avoid & any dietary advice.


Full Food intolerance testing session (1 hour) – £50

Personalised Diet Plan – £8

A meal plan based around your intolerance test results and including foods rich in Vitamins or minerals you are deficient in. All meal plans are aimed at improving your personal current symptoms.

Follow up appointment (advised 8 weeks later) – (25 minutes) – £20

Re-test (advised after 3-6 months) –  (1 hour) – £30

Follow up sessions are at your request.

Please note I am unable to perform the test on anyone who has a pacemaker fitted. The youngest age I am able to test is 8. The test is perfectly safe for pregnant ladies.

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