Sammy Anne’s Signature Treatments


This your great escape, your time to unwind and cater to your body’s needs. Don’t be afraid to combine a few different treatments you like the sound of, simply give us a call or email to discuss and we will create your own personalised treatment.

Here are some Signature Treatments we’ve created that you might like:

The Works (2 hours) – £70

Using a blend of your favourite essential oils as a base, this treatment includes a sensational full body massage complemented by a mini Reflexology treatment, Aromatherapy pressure point facial and scalp massage using hot towels and hot stones the areas you need them most to provide the most relaxing two hours of your life.

Signature Aromatherapy (2 hours) – £75

First we pick the essential oils and base oils to suit your needs before drizzling them over your skin during a traditional Aromatherapy massage, followed by a facial massage using beautifully scented apricot kennel oil and rose essential oil before finishing the treatment scalp massage using draining techniques to give your skin a brightening boost.


Hot Compress Massage (90 minutes) – £65 – COMING SOON

If you like hot stones you will adore this warming treatment… Using hot compresses steamed to the perfect temperature that contains 20 traditional Thai herbs and plants to help detox and energise the body, this treatment is great for getting rid of muscle tension and relaxation especially on cold days! The hot compress massage techniques are combined with deep tissue massage to make sure we rid you of every ache and pain.


Mini Facial, Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage (60 minutes) – £45

Showering attention on tired, dull or dry skin and quenching its thirst with your chosen facial blend, we’ll take care of any back, neck or shoulder aches and pains with this deeply nourishing and comforting combination massage.

The Detox (90 minutes) – £50

Designed to flush out toxins and refresh your skin, senses and tension in your body – lie back and relax as we combine Indonesian and Sports massage techniques to restore your mind and body back to its natural, peaceful balance. Let the scent of Frankincense, lemon and ginger essential oils drift to your senses before finishing with a refreshing glass of cucumber, lemon and mint infused water.

Mini facial and back neck and shoulder massage (60 minutes) – £45

Full body massage and mini facial (90 minutes) – £60

Luxury facial and back, neck and shoulder massage (90 minutes) – £60

Back massage & mini Reflexology treatment (60 minutes) – £38 

Luxury facial and full body massage (120 minutes) – £70

Backacial (60 minutes) – £45

Customise your own treatment, combine anything you like, just email/call or text for a price